Day Trader

Day Trader

"Top notch cast and innovative staging… brilliantly directed by Steven Williford."

— Broadway World

"Under Steven Williford’s direction, the execution, punctuated by drum riffs from Josh Imlay, is most impressive. This glossy entertaining fable of Hollywood hubris should provide rich dividends…"

— Los Angeles Times

"Under helmer Steven Williford’s astute, cleanly paced staging, the cast offers impressive credibility to Ron’s chaotic journey."

— Arts In LA

"The playwright has concocted one smart, funny, suspenseful scenario, and one that benefits enormously from director Steven Williford’s electric staging, all-around terrific performances, and one of the most exciting design packages in town… Add a few more characters to Day Trader and you’d have one heck of a screenplay, and yet movie-adaptable as Rudnick’s script is, Williford’s imaginative vision makes Day Trader The Play as electrifyingly theatrical as a stage production can get."

— StageScene LA

"Directed with shrewd subtlety by Steven Williford, Day Trader draws the audience in… pays off handsomely."

— ShakespeareInLA

"…Day Trader is skillfully directed and superbly acted."

— Hollywood Progressive

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